Below you can find a light version of our milestones for the upcoming period.
Thorus Roadmap - Q1 and Q2 2022


New Launchpad Model: LotTHO

An innovative and win-win Launchpad concept boosting the Thorus DAO Treasury while ensuring the launched project succeeds long term.

Thorus Cross-Chain

The Thorus Reserve Fund, receiving 25% of all THO token emissions, allows Thorus to expand cross-chain easily and efficiently. We will target promising L2 chains trying to become an AMM leader.


THO holders will vote on many decisions from the team and also community suggestions on Discord. We will release a governance structure to make voting efficient for everyone.


STATIK Multi-Asset

Minting In addition to minting the STATIK stable coin with USDC.e tokens, users of the Thorus platform will now be able to mint STATIK with multiple assets, such as BTC, ETH, etc.

STATIK Multi-Chain

The STATIK stable coin will become useable not only on Avalanche Network but on many other chains to facilitate its massive adoption, strengthening the entire Thorus ecosystem.
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