THO Token
Thorus Native Platform Token
THO, or Thorus Token, is the native and foundational token of Thorus protocol, which all of the protocol features will revolve around. THO will also have the right of governance for the entire platform and protocol and allow participation in all future utility integrations. The platform itself will have three primary phases.

Phase 1️⃣ — The Inflationary Phase

The first four years will constitute the inflationary phase. At this time, APRs will be established using emissions with the primary objective of strengthening the Treasury, rewarding token holders, and increasing liquidity so that the AMM DEX functions efficiently and earns additional yields through swap fees. Accordingly, emissions will be allocated using the following weights:
  • 30% will be allocated to Farms, with 95% rewarding platform-specific pairs and single staking. The remaining 5% will be used to establish additional non-platform-based pairs such as ETH/BUSD, among others. This modification will allow for higher APRs than we have achieved in the past and ensures minimal holder dilution.
  • 35% will be allocated to the Bond portion of the platform. These tokens will be locked until the subsequent bonds are purchased — rather than minted during the purchase cycle. As such, inflation is mitigated until there is the appropriate TVL to utilize the introduction of the locked tokens.
  • 25% will be allocated to the Reserve Fund, which will act as a type of bank for THO and allow us to expand cross-chain quickly. This allocation would be what provides the initial attractive APRs on new chains.
  • 10% will be allocated for our Stable coin stability mechanism. These tokens will remain locked unless they are actually needed for stabilizing STATIK's peg. If STATIK overcomes inflation and becomes over collateralized, this THO reserve can be used for future cross-chain expansion.

Phase 2️⃣ — The Consolidation Phase

The consolidation phase will begin after emissions have ended. At this point, the Treasury will be fully self-sustaining through various outside investment strategies such as stable lending pairs. In addition, the Treasury would be continually reinforced through trading fees collected on the platform. This combination will allow for a gradual and continued increase of the backing price of THO through buybacks at a specific and trailing variable price. For means of context, if the Treasury achieved a 1B TVL the estimated yearly profit generation sits at roughly 200M. As a result of the completed emissions, these yields will have a direct and increasing effect on the backing price.

Phase 3️⃣ — The Deflationary Stage

With emissions having been completed and a robust Treasury investment model in place that continually buys back THO, the price of THO will constantly rise as more of the supply is removed from circulation. In effect, token holders become a type of shareholder of the whole ecosystem and will receive continual earnings from these yields.