Single asset staking for our native token will be available on our platform. Holders will deposit their THO holdings in order to obtain more rewards - paid out in THO.
Having a token holder first approach, an important percentage of newly generated THO will be allocated towards our auto-compounding single asset staking section.
Auto-compounding refers to your staking rewards being automatically re-added to your stake in order to generate and earn a higher APY (Annual Percentage Yield).
The Staking section of the Thorus dApp, as the rest of the core features of the protocol, constantly works towards building protocol owned liquidity, hence increasing the Treasury and with it, the backing price of THO. In the case of Staking, Treasury collects a 4% Performance fee, which applies only to pending rewards (not deposit) and it's collected every time the Harvest function is called.
Auto-compounding for ALL stakers is triggered each time someone manually calls the Harvest function. A bounty will be paid out to the individual that triggers this function. 0.05% of all pending rewards will be allocated to this bounty. This percentage applies to pending rewards available since the last time the Harvest function was called.
There is no deposit fee for Staking.
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