Rather than having a single stake option as more "traditional" pools, where one could stake the native token and receive a partner token for a set reward period — the Thorus platform will prioritize Treasury growth and unified rewards for THO holders. With this method, partner tokens will be deposited into the Treasury, where they will be vested over the period of 3 months. This will raise the backing price of THO proportionally to the value of the deposited assets. In this capacity, the reward becomes the increased backing price rather than the token itself.
Furthermore, a STATIK/Partner or a THO/Partner farm will be established, and a portion of THO emissions will be directed to the farm for 2–4 weeks for those who wish to take a more active approach. The one caveat is that emissions would only be allocated to ecosystem-based pairs to ensure minimal dilution to holders. In addition, we could potentially create a new bond for the partner token for promising partner projects. However, the requirements will be strict to ensure stability and growth for all holders.
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