Minting STATIK
STATIK is the stable coin of the Thorus ecosystem. Learn how to mint it.
1- Go to the STABLECOIN section of the Thorus App (note: this section is only available through the Avalanche network at the time of writing).
2- On the “MINT” tab, type the amount of USDC.e you will use to mint your STATIK tokens (1).
3- Check if the final amount of STATIK tokens you will receive matches with the amount you need to create and farm an LP token. In our example, we need approximately 500 STATIK (2) to pair STATIK with another token whose total value is worth $500.
4- If you’re satisfied with the amount you will receive, click “APPROVE” (you will only have to do this once), confirm the transaction with your wallet, and then click “MINT” (3).
5- Once the transaction is confirmed, click “CLAIM” to get your freshly minted STATIK tokens (4), and confirm the transaction.
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