Buying THO
How to buy THO (or any other token) on the Thorus App.
1- Go to the SWAP section of the Thorus App (1).
How to swap a token for THO tokens
2- Select the network you want to use (2). In this example we will choose Avalanche.
You need to own some native tokens of the selected network to pay the transaction fees! In this example (Avalanche Network), we will need a fraction of AVAX token. If you don't have any native token, you can buy some on an exchange or use our faucets!
3- Check if the SWAP tab is selected (3).
Now, follow these final steps:
4- In the first dropdown menu (4), select the token you want to swap for THO tokens. Be sure you have enough tokens in your balance to proceed the swap.
5- Select THO via the second dropdown menu (5). Note: It may be another token depending on your needs.
6- Type the amount of tokens you want to swap for THO tokens (6). You can use a portion of your balance, or your entire balance by clicking "MAX".
7- Last, click "SWAP" (7).
8- A new window will pop up, showing you some detail and asking you to confirm the swap. Click "CONFIRM SWAP" and confirm the transaction with your wallet.
9- While your transaction is being processed, you have the possibility to automatically add the THO token address to your wallet! Click "ADD THO TO METAMASK".
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