Building and Farming LP
Providing Liquidity (more commonly called "LP") to the Thorus protocol allows you to earn rewards in THO tokens. Learn how to provide liquidity and then how to farm the LP tokens you will get.
The main concept of providing and farming liquidity is to build an LP position with a pair of tokens that have similar USD value, and then to stake it on the corresponding farming pool. By providing liquidity to the platform, you will earn THO tokens rewards at a rate expressed in APR (Annual Percentage Rate).
In this example, we already own approximately $500 worth of STATIK token (click here to learn how to mint STATIK) and a similar USD value in sTHO token. After having looked at the different farming pools on the Thorus App, the APR for this LP pair looks great. Therefore we want to build a sTHO-STATIK position and then farm it on its corresponding pool.
You can repeat the exact same steps below if you want to build and farm a LP position with other tokens.

Step 1: Build your LP tokens

1- Go to the FARM section of the Thorus App (note: you can also build your LP on the POOL section, but the whole farming process is a little bit longer, it will take 2–3 clicks more).
2- Find the sTHO-STATIK pool and click on it.
3- Click on the “LIQUIDITY” tab (1).
4- Click “MAX” where you have the less tokens to use your entire balance of tokens. It could be sTHO (2) or STATIK (2) depending on your balances.
5- Approve both sTHO (3) and STATIK (4), and confirm the 2 transactions with your wallet.
6- Click “CONFIRM ADDING LIQUIDITY” (5) and confirm the transaction. Your LP position is now built and you are now owning sTHO-STATIK tokens, ready to be farmed!

Step 2: Stake and start farming your LP tokens

Once you have built your LP pair and got sTHO-STATIK tokens, the last step is to stake them in the corresponding pool to start earning rewards!
1- Stay in the FARM section, and select the STAKING tab (1).
2- Click “MAX” to stake your entire balance of LP tokens (2).
3- Click the “APPROVE” button (you will have to do this only the first time), confirm the transaction, then click “STAKE” (3).
4- Congratulation! Your LP tokens are now staked (4) and start earning THO rewards (5). You can claim these rewards whenever you want by clicking on the “CLAIM” button (6).